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Community Leadership Initiative

What is the Community Leadership Initiative?

The Community Leadership Initiative is a five-month certificate training program designed to identify aspiring lay leaders across the country between the ages of 25-38. The program combines the top talent and resources of Yeshiva University to train, inspire and empower young lay leaders with the tools they will need to demonstrate and drive positive change within their own synagogues, schools, organizations and communities. Participants are led through a journey of personal self-discovery regarding their own leadership style, while simultaneously taught the practical skills necessary for long-term leadership - all through the lens of Torah thought and best business practice.

The Community Leadership Initiative is built on three pillars:

  1. Conveying the core fundamental skills and knowledge needed to lead successfully
  2. Inspiring the values and meaning behind running a Jewish organization and the importance of strong and supportive relationships between the paid professionals and the lay leaders
  3. Helping participants develop a healthy sense of personal balance between work, life and community, so that the their tenure in leadership can be long, fruitful and fulfilling

The experience of CLI will enhance the lives of the participants on both a personal and professional level, while simultaneously bolstering Jewish communal infrastructure.

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