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International conferences, organized together with other YU units or by our working groups, stand at the center of Center for Israel Studies' activities



Israel in Time and Space: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference in Israel Studies. YU WIlf Campus, May, 2013

 Time and Space Poster


Religious Zionism: A Yom Iyyun Honoring Professors Bernard Rosensweig and Saul Roth. YU Wilf Campus, April, 2012.

Yom Iyyun Poster

Folktales of Israel: A Festival Honoring Professor Peninnah Schram.
With YU Museum and Stern College for Women. YU Museum, November, 2011.


Talmuda De'Eretz Yisrael: Archaeology and the Rabbis in Late Antiquity. Organizers: Steven Fine (Jewish History), Aaron Koller (Bible). With YU Museum. YU Museum and Wilf Campus, March 2011.

Talmuda Poster

Torah and Science Conference
. With Bar Ilan University and Machon Lev. Apr 2009, 2010, 2011.

Israel and Iran:  From Cyrus the Great to the Islamic Republic. With the Schneir Center for International Affairs, Yeshiva University. Organizer: Daniel Tsadik.  YU Museum, September, 2010.


National Association of Professors of HebrewAnnual Meeting at YU,
July 2010. Co-sponsored with Stern College , Chair: Tzefirah Cohen, Stern College .

Zionism on the Jewish Street: Geography and Nationalism at the Turn of the 20th Century. With YU Museum. Organizer: Jess Olson (Jewish History), companion web exhibition sponsored by the Center for Online Judaic Studies. YU Museum and Wilf Campus, March, 2010.

Zionism Poster

US-Israel Relations in the Era of Obama and Netanyahu. With the Began-Sadat Center , Bar Ilan University and American Friends of BIU. Organizers:  R. Bevan, E. Resnick.  YU Museum, Sept, 15, 2009.

U.S. and Israel Poster

Israel and India: A Relationship Comes of Age. VIP reception at the Indian consulate, associated exhibition on the Jews of India at YU Museum. With the YU Institute for Public Health and YU Museum. YU Museum, March 30, 2009.

Israel and India

Jews and Power in the 20th Century. With the Schottenstein Honor’s Program and the Schneier Center for International Affairs, Yeshiva University.  Primary faculty advisers: S. Fine, R. Bevan. YU Wilf Campus, Spring, 2009.

The Temple of Jerusalem: From Moses to the Messiah. With YU Museum. Organizer: Steven Fine. YU Museum and Wilf Campus, May, 2008.

Temple Poster