Students have the opportunity to meet potential employers during interviews, career forums, and workshops given throughout the fall and spring semesters. Events take place at both the Wilf and Beren Campuses. We encourage you to contact the Career Center as early in the year as possible to meet the staff and stay up-to-date on career related events. In addition to on-campus recruiting (OCR), the Career Center offers:

  • YU CareerLink, an online job posting system for full-time, part-time, internship and summer positions

  • On-Campus Recruiting for select employers who wish to interview students at Yeshiva (see below for eligibility requirements for OCR)

  • Our Spring Career Fair in March offers students the chance to meet employers from a diverse spectrum of industries and organizations

  • The annual Jewish Community Jobs Fair in February, now coordinated by the Center for the Jewish Future, brings employers from various Jewish based organizations to campus

  • Panels and networking opportunities with alumni and other professionals in diverse industries

To inquire further about our campus recruitment activities, please contact a member of our staff.


As of September 2017, several accounting and finance OCR positions will be posted on YU CareerLink. Additional positions will be added throughout the semester, so you should be checking YU CareerLink and your YU e-mail account regularly for news of additions and deadlines. You can check these positions on the YU CareerLink system by searching “All OCR Jobs.” If you do not see this option please contact the Career Center to be granted access. 


YU CareerLink is the online system that will have all of the OCR jobs posted and which you will use to apply and schedule your interviews. Please make sure that your profile in YU CareerLink is updated so it reflects your current graduation month and year. Please contact the Career Center if you have questions about how to update accordingly. To enter the YU CareerLink system, please click here


The Career Center is here to make sure you are properly prepared for your OCR experience. In order to participate in OCR, you MUST complete the following items by your first interview, (All students are encouraged to complete their requirements as early as possible):  

  • Sign an OCR contract and return it to the Career Center.  

  • Have your resume reviewed and approved and then upload it onto YU CareerLink: How to Write a Resume  

  • Understand how to use the YU CareerLink system. Please make an appointment with a Career Center Counselor who will show you how to use the system: YU CareerLink Tutorial

  • Understand the timeline and requirements for participation in On Campus Recruitment; review the OCR Orientation Presentation and the "Career Fair and Interview Orientation for OCR 2017" videos, and pass the quiz at the end of each presentation with 7 of 10 correct answers.

  • Schedule a mock interview with a Career Center Counselor prior to your first OCR interview. If you have not had a mock interview in the Spring semester of 2017, please schedule an appointment during your first few weeks on campus. Practice using our Interviewing Effectively handout.


NOTE: Students may only participate in On-Campus Recruiting once for each category of position (i.e. internships or full-time job recruiting) for each degree level in which they are enrolled (undergraduate and Master's degree). 

For Accounting OCR: 

Students must be enrolled in an accounting degree program at the Bachelor's or Master's degree level at YU

Internship applications: Students will need to reach 150 credits (including 33 accounting credits and 36 business credits) by Jan., May, or Sept. 2019

Full-time applications: Students will need  to complete their 150 credits by Jan., May, or Sept. 2018. (Note: Undergraduates who are taking additional external courses to reach 150 must show proof of completion or Fall 2017 enrollment for these credits to the Career Center no later than September 2017.) For more information on the requirements for CPA eligibility, visit

For Finance OCR: 

Students must be enrolled at YU in an undergraduate degree program or a directly relevant Master's degree program

Internship applications: Students must be  Jan., May, or Sept. 2019 graduates to apply for Summer 2018 internships

Full-time applications: Students must be Jan., May, or Sept. 2018 graduates to apply for full-time positions

Job Offer Guidelines for Employers and Students (PDF) 



Please note: At the end of this 20 minute presentation there will be a quiz, which requires 7 out of 10 correct answers to be considered passing. 

Students must input their full name, YU email address, and student ID number in order for the quiz to be scored. 




Career Fair and Interview Orientation for OCR 2017

Please note: At the end of this 20 minute presentation there will be a quiz, which requires 7 out of 10 correct answers to be considered passing. 

Students must input their full name, YU email address, and student ID number in order for the quiz to be scored.