About the Career Center

The Career Center offers a wide range of programs and resources to students and alumni. The mission of the Career Center is to:

  • Educate students and alumni, and empower them to become active participants in their career planning and job search.
  • Facilitate the exploration, clarification, and implementation of their academic, personal, and career goals.
  • Charge graduates to continue contributing to the advancement of the Jewish Community and the world at large, integrating their values and ethics into their chosen careers.

We can help you with:

  • Choosing a major and developing career goals
  • Obtaining career information and resources
  • Conducting industry and organizational research
  • Developing contacts/networking
  • Learning job search techniques
  • Graduate school application and selection
  • Resume preparation
  • Developing interview skills
  • Finding full-time, part-time and internship opportunities

Please contact one of our professionals to begin your search process.