YU Students in Classroom

10 Reasons to Attend YU

There are many reasons to attend Yeshiva University. Here are just a few.

  1. YU consistently ranks among the top 50 universities in the United States and is regarded among the top tier of universities around the world
  2. A unique dual curriculum, which offers unparalleled levels of scholarship in Jewish studies, along with a world-class education in all our other faculties
  3. There is one full-time faculty member for every eight students. World-renowned faculty are both remarkable, and remarkably accessible.
  4. U.S. News and World Report ranks YU as the fourth most popular university in America
  5. Thousands of dollars are invested in leadership training for each and every student. YU’s world-wide community partnerships allow students to learn, experience and practice leadership in the mission of repairing our world.
  6. Each year, nearly 95% of our graduates find employment and/or are accepted to graduate school. YU has one of the strongest networks of students and alumni.
  7. Four out of five YU undergraduate students who apply to medical school are accepted—more than twice the national average
  8. There are over 1,400 events on campus for our students to learn, lead and laugh. Campus life is consistently exciting and encompasses a vast array of cultural, recreational, intellectual and religious activities.
  9. At least seven out of ten YU students receive scholarship help with their tuition. Multiple scholarships opportunities are available, and YU is committed to making attendance reasonable for students of all socioeconomic circumstances.
  10. An unmatched Jewish environment, located in the heart of New York City