Chaim Feuerman, Zt"l
Topic: Meeting the Middle School Students’ Tefillah Challenge: A “Hands-On” Approach
Description: Chaim Feuerman describes an approach for empowering  middle school students and making their  tefillah respectable.

Scott J. Goldberg
Topic: Do as I say...and Do
Description: Utilizing action research as a creative instrument for staff development

Scott J. Goldberg
Topic: Development of an Early Hebrew Oral Reading Fluency Measure
Description: Developing the first Hebrew benchmark assessment tool 

Scott J. Goldberg
Topic: Measuring and Promoting Religious Purposefulness in Jewish Day Schools
Description: Avoiding unsystematic measures to determine religious and spiritual growth

David Pelcovitz, Scott J. Goldberg
Topic: Nourishing The Adolescent Soul: Insight And Reccomendations
Description: Student at the Center of learning

David Pelcovitz
Topic: Coping with Loss and Terror
Description:Jewish and Psychological Perspectives.

Ilana Turetsky
Topic: Why Israel Matters
Description: Ramban and the Uniqueness of the Land of Israel.

Karen Shawn
Topic: Examining Jewish Values in Kindertransport Narratives
Description: This essay, geared for middle school teachers, suggests eliciting the middot—positive behaviors—readers can find in survivor testimony even as one teaches the painful truths of the Kindertransport.

Laya Salomon
Topic: Technology and the 21st Century Orthodox Community
Description: Technology as a Learning Tool: An Educator’s Perspective.

Moshe Krakowski
Topic: Developing and Transmitting Religious Identity: Curriculum and Pedagogy in Modern Orthodox Jewish Schools
Description: This paper argues that American modern Orthodoxy is facing a crisis caused at least in part by problems of student identity formation. 

Moshe Sokolow
Topic: Teaching Spirituality in Day Schools and Yeshiva High Schools
Description: This paper will deal with the form that curriculum and instruction for spirituality may take.

Rona Novick
Topic: Lirot Et Aztzmo, Going Beyond Empathy
Description: A Psychological Perspective.

Rona Novick, Laya Solomon and Ilana Turetsky
Topic: Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Description: Differentiated Instruction and the Fairness Challenge.

Memories of Rabbi Dr. Chaim Feuerman