Washington, DC

To see what new programming is coming to Washington, DC, and its surrounding communities, visit our online alumni events calendar. Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with regional programming in the Greater DC area to help organize social and professional networking opportunities and explore more ways to strengthen the YU network, please contact Dina Burcat, associate director of alumni affairs, at burcat@yu.edu or contact the Regional Council—Washington, DC, members below using the online Alumni Directory.

Regional Council—Washington, DC:
David Cohen '95YC
Yossi Goldman '88YC
Arlene Groner '74S
Jack "Achi" Guggenheim '93YC
Tova Jaffe '92SB
Judah Kaplan '92SB
Ahava Leibtag '97S
Jesse Mendelson '99YC
Daniel Siesser '03SB
Andrew Stein '01YC
Dave Weinberg '05YC
Menucha Wolfe '02S