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The Shmuel and Pearl Lamm Gemilat Chessed Fund

In 1990 in recognition of a generous grant by Dr. Norman Lamm, then President of Yeshiva University, the free loan fund operated by the Yeshiva University Israel Alumni was renamed The Shmuel and Pearl Lamm Gemilat Chessed Fund. Since then the fund has been supplemented by donations from the Lamm family.


The Shmuel and Pearl Lamm Gemilat Chessed Fund (hereinafter the Gemach) is operated by the Yeshiva University Israel Alumni (YUIA).  The funds are kept segregated in a special account which is devoted to and limited to the purpose of granting interest free short term loans. The regulations and procedures are decided by the Board of Directors of YUIA. The fund is administered by a Committee chosen by the Board.


1. Loans are available to alumni of Yeshiva University (and Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary)
    and to others affiliated with Yeshiva University in Israel.
2. The applicant must be living in Israel.
3. Loans are only granted for personal need and are not available for any kind of business or
    commercial need.
4. The maximum loan is for the Shekel equivalent of $3,000 and is to be repaid over 18 months.
5. The application for a loan requires that the applicant state the purpose of the loan.
6. The applicant must provide the names and signatures of 2 acceptable guarantors.
7. Upon receipt of the loan, the applicant must submit 18 shekel checks
    (amount of the checks is determined by the committee and is based on 1/18 of the amount of the
8. The Committee that approves the loan is also authorized to make decisions concerning the extension
    of repayment dates and other administrative decisions. The Committee is not authorized to grant
    loans greater than $3,000.
9. No repeat loans can be granted until the recipient has fully paid off the previous loan.

DefaultsIn the event of default, all appropriate measures for collection will be applied.

For more information, please email