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Northern NJ

Just across the river from New York, Northern NJ is one of YU's strongest alumni communities with thousands of alumni in numerous shuls, day schools and neighborhoods interacting on a daily basis. To see what new programming is coming to Northern NJ and its surrounding communities, visit our online alumni events calendar. Alternatively, to get involved with regional programming in Northern NJ or help organize social and professional networking opportunities and explore more ways to strengthen the YU Ambassador Network, please contact Dina Burcat, director of alumni affairs, at, or contact the Regional Council—Bergen County members below using the online Alumni Directory.

Regional Council—Northern NJ:

Emanuel Adler '76YC
Shalom Baum '88YC
Joseph Bodner '82YC
Daniel Brody '96YC
Sheldon Chanales '76YC
Aaron Dobrinsky '85YC
Heidi Fuchs
Amy Gibber '96S
Daniel Gibber '96SB
Esther Glass '65S
Leonard Glass '64YC
Ora Kornbluth '89S
Laizer Kornwasser '92S
Josh Kramer '01YC
Heidi Kuperman '94W
Seth Landa '82YC
Ezra Lightman '95SB
Suzy Schwartz '84S
Elysia Stein '04S
Aaron Stiefel '78YC