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Dear fellow alumni:

One of the hallmarks of Yeshiva Universty is the commitment to Zionism and the State of Israel. As students at Yeshiva, we were encouraged and taught that the State of Israel and its people are to be saluted and admired as the forefront of the geula shleima and that all Jews must strive to be a part of the dream of living in Israel.

YU's programs in Israel for its students, run from the magnificent Gruss campus in Yerushalayim are the most visible part of the University's commitment to Israel. The YU Israel Alumni Association and the Rosenbaum Aliya Incentive Fund, which provides student loan payment assistance for alumni who make aliya are equally vital parts of YU's support of its students and alumni who choose to make the move up to Israel and live in the land of our fathers.

As the new President of the Alumni Association, I invite all YU Alumni in Israel to join me as we introduce fascinating programs – educational, cultural, networking and more – in the coming months. With the influx of hundreds of new alumni over the past few years, YU Alumni in Israel programs and events will allow us to reconnect not only with our friends from our days in YU, but also with our beloved Rabbeim from Yeshiva who join us here in Israel from time to time.

I look forward to getting to know you all and strengthening the bond of YU to our alumni in Israel.

Jason Schwartz ‘93SB
President, YUIA