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Undergraduate Torah Studies: Irving I. Stone Beit Midrash Program (SBMP)

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All students must simultaneously attend Yeshiva College or Syms School of Business.


Our Yeshiva aims to provide a positive learning environment where each student can reach his full potential in Torah study. We provide varied learning programs, reflecting the diverse interests and skills of our students, along with an outstanding array of Roshei Yeshiva, Rebbeim, faculty, mashgichim and administrators who are concerned about the Torah growth and personal welfare of each student. Our faculty and administration alike are accessible to students to discuss their individual needs and concerns.

Progress in Torah learning is achieved through consistent effort, patience, a modicum of struggle, and keeping to a set schedule. In fact, the word “Yeshiva” means to sit—in a beit midrash or a classroom; without disciplined regularity there cannot be growth. To that end, we have formulated an attendance policy to further these aims and to be of assistance to students who are having difficulty meeting these expectations.

1.    Talmidim are expected to attend all shiurim and seder and to be present on time.
2.    Three weeks into the semester the UTS office reviews attendance lists. Talmidim missing more than one day of seder/shiur per week or missing cumulatively four days will be contacted by the office.  
3.    Attendance is then reviewed two to three weeks later.
4.    If the talmid’s attendance has not improved since the initial correspondence, he must meet with a UTS administrator.
5.    If the problem persists and talmid accrues the equivalent of 15 total absent days (forty-five total periods including shiur and seder), withstanding specific mitigating factors, he will be placed on probation the following semester. Extenuating circumstances are taken into consideration when the number of absences is reviewed.  
6.    Ten minutes late is the equivalent to ½ absent, twenty minutes late is the equivalent to absent.
7.    Students are expected to give their full attention to the class. Students that are texting or surfing the web during class will be marked absent.
8.    Probation, as stated in the catalog, requires the talmid to take shiur for credit and limited to 13.5 total college credits.
9.    If a student is absent more than 50% of the time, an automatic grade of “G” is recorded for the course.
10.    Two semesters in a row of probation are grounds for possible dismissal from the university.


We expect students to maintain a passing grade average in order to continue in the program.

The attendance record may be taken into account when determining a student's status in the University. Continued unexcused absences will result in the student being dropped from the course with a grade of G. This can lead to probation or academic dismissal from the college.


Midterm and final examinations are required in each course.

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