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    Clinical Experiences



     A major aspect involved in your preparation for medical school is clinical experience.  Students should plan to devote a minimum of 150 hours volunteering in a busy hospital emergency room, a private clinic, an outpatient facility, a nursing home, or any other venue that provides patient care (EMT, Certified nursing assistant in a home for disabled adults, crisis hotline, AIDS clinic, etc.)  This work should be completed over the course of your college career. It is useless if you complete this work right before you begin the application process as schools will judge that you are only completing a task rather than seeking out opportunities to engage with patients because you care about a career in medicine.   




    All students need to secure their personal health history before contacting the hospitals for volunteer positions.  Various inoculations and immunizations are needed for volunteering (MMR shot, TB shot, tetanus shot, etc.).  Toxicology tests (drug tests) may also be required of you. Contact the hospital volunteer services department directly to initiate the application process. 


    American Red Cross 

    50 Amsterdam Avenue - Headquarters in City 

    New York, NY 10023-5025 

    Jennifer Brown - Coordinator of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212)875-2068 

    Fax: (212)875-2309  

    Website: http://nyredcross.org/page.php/prmID/24  

    Expectations: different requirements for each position  

    Website details all pertinent information 


    Bellevue Hospital Center

    462 First Avenue (at 27th Street) 

    New York, NY 10016 

    Priscilla Daniels - Director of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212)562-4858 

    Fax: (212)562-2097  

    Expectations: 3 consecutive hours any one day of the week / for some programs a six our minimum per week / some programs have a 3 or 6 month commitment 

    Elissa Moore - Coordinator of Emergency Medicine Research and PAVERS Program.  

    Phone: (212) 562-3010 

    Patient Advocate Volunteers in ER (PAVER) 

    Expectations: minimum 4 hours per week - 6 month commitment 

    Clinical research available 

    Project Healthcare (Summer) 10 weeks/apply by January 


    Beth Israel Medical Center 

    Milton & Carroll Petrie Division (Main Hospital) 

    1st Avenue and 16th Street 

    Laurie Burns - Coordinator of Volunteer Services 

    Phone: (212) 420-2733 

    Fax: (212) 420-4705 

    Website: http://www.wehealnewyork.org/patients/bimc_volunopportunities.html 

    Expectations: minimum 2 hours a week + 6 Month commitment w/ interview, reference check 


    Beth Israel Medical Center 

    Phillips Ambulatory Care Center 

    10 Union Square East, Suite 5-C 

    New York, NY 10003 

    Meryl Schaffer - Director  

    Phone: (212) 995-6667 

    Expectations: 6 Month commitment w/ interview, reference check 


    Cabrini Medical Center 

    227 East 19th Street (between 2nd & 3rd Ave) 

    (212) 844-8630 

    Lorien Vidal - Assistant Coordinator, Volunteer Services 

    Phone: (212) 995-6667 

    Fax: (212) 979-3567 

    Minimum 4 hours per week 

    Minimum 50-week commitment 


    Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center 

    630 West 168th Street 

    New York, NY 10032 

    Website: www.nyp.org/volunteer 


    Goldwater Memorial Hospital 

    1 Main Street - Roosevelt Island 

    New York, NY 10044 

    Director of Volunteers  

    Phone: (212)318-4457 

    Expectations: Flexible Hours 


    Gouverneur Hospital 

    227 Madison Avenue 

    New York, NY 10002 

    Director of Volunteer Services 

    Phone: (212)238-7855 

    Fax: (212)238-7879 

    Seeks Special bilingual Chinese/English and Spanish/English interpreters 

    Expectations: 6 hour minimum per week / 150 hours total commitment 


    Harlem Hospital Center

    502 Lenox Avenue 

    New York, NY 10037 

    Website: http://www.nyc.gov/html/hhc/html/volunteer/volunteering.shtml 


    Harlem Hospital Language Assistance Program

    MLKP 6th Floor, Room 6-185 

    Associate Director, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Coordinator  

    Phone: (212)939-1037 

    Medical Interpreting (Spanish/French) 


    Hospital for Special Surgery 

    535 East 70th Street 

    New York, NY 10021 

    Director of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212)606-1228 

    Fax: (212)774-7013 

    Expectations: 100 total hours within a 6 month period 

    Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm  

    4 hour shifts 


    Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 

    1275 York Avenue, Room C128 

    New York, NY 10021 

    Phone: (212)639-8623 or (212)639-5980 Fax: (212)639-8886 

    Website: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/1288.cfm 

    Expectations: once a week for 3-4 hours for at least a school semester or longer 


    Metropolitan Hospital Center 

    1901 First Avenue (at 97th Street) 

    New York, NY 10029 

    Director of Volunteers  

    Phone: (212)423-6894 

    Fax: (646)672-3227  

    Website: http://www.nyc.gov/html/hhc/html/volunteer/volunteering.shtml 

    Expectations: 3 hours on a given day and a 150 hour commitment 

    Recent Physical required 


    Montefiore Medical Center - Moses Division Hospital

    111 East 210th Street 

    Bronx, NY 10467 

    Phone: (718)904-2934 Fax: (718) 547-4205 

    Website: http://www.montefiore.org 


    Montefiore Medical Center - Weiler Division Hospital

    1825 Eastchester Road 

    Bronx, NY 10461 


    Mount Sinai Hospital 

    One Gustave L. Levy Place 

    1190 Fifth Avenue 

    New York, NY 10029 

    (212)241-6500 - main telephone 

    Website: www.mountsinai.org/msh/msg_vol.jsp 

    Director of Volunteer Services Volunteer Department 

    Coordinator of Patient Care Volunteers 

    Phone: (212)241-0478 

    Fax: (212)987-3969 

    Expectations: 6 months and 100 hours total commitment 


    New York Eye & Ear Infirmary 

    310 East 14th Street at 2nd Avenue 

    New York, NY 10003 

    Director of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212) 979-4462 

    Commitment of 100 hours or three months 

    Two references 


    New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center

    525 East 68th Street 

    New York, NY 10003 

    Director of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212) 746-4396 

    Fax: (212)353-5728 

    Website: http://www.nyp.org/volunteer 

    Expectations: 100 hours minimum or three months 

    Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm 


    New York State Psychiatric Institute 

    1051 Riverside Drive 

    New York, NY 10032 

    Website: www.nyspi.cpmc.columbia.edu 

    Director of Volunteer Services 

    Phone: (212)543-5240 

    Six-month commitment 


    New York University Medical Center - Tisch Hospital 

    530 First Avenue 

    New York, NY 10016 

    Manager of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212)263-6100 

    Fax: (212)263-3738 

    Website: http://www.med.nyu.edu/development/howyoucanhelp/volunteer.html 


    New York V.A. Medical Center  

    423 East 23rd Street 

    New York, NY 10010 

    Phone: (212) 447-5158 


    St. Luke's Hospital 

    1111 Amsterdam Avenue 

    New York, NY 10025 

    (212)523-2188 - volunteer services 

    Website: http://www.wehealny.org/services/slr_volunteer/index.asp 

    Kathleen Dalton - Director of Volunteers 

    Phone: (212) 523-7155 

    Expectations: 120 hours minimum - 6 month commitment 

    Mary Jo Page - Supervising Staff Coordinator - (212) 523-2188  

    Look for e-mail at the beginning of each semester regarding mandatory Volunteer Orientation. 


    St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital 

    1000 Tenth Avenue (at 59th Street) 

    New York, NY 10019 

    Website: http://www.wehealny.org/services/slr_volunteer/index.asp 

    Sue Fenton - Director of Volunteers 

    David Heefner - Supervising Staff Coordinator 

    (212) 523-7155 - volunteer services 

    Pre-dental students must gain some experience (approximately 100 hours) working/shadowing in the offices of a local dentist, and you should look outside of the opportunities that may be available from parents or relatives who are already members of the profession. 

    Those interested in optometry, osteopathic medicine, podiatry, pharmacy, physical therapy, etc. should seek out opportunities to work directly with members of those professions. 

    Research Experiences



    Research and clinical placements offer the opportunity to demonstrate to your supervisors your ability to work well with others and should yield a letter of reference at the end of your internship. By making a strong and memorable impression during these placements, your supervisors will have concrete material to work with when writing you a letter of recommendation.  


    Basic scientific research



    a) Undergraduate students who are seeking some initial research experience often do so by approaching members of the faculty at YC. It is also possible to obtain volunteer (unpaid) jobs during both the academic year and the summer months by directly contacting laboratory directors at major hospitals using an email blast. You should use a web search to find the names of contacts at convenient locations who are doing research in areas of your personal interest. If you send out 100 preliminary inquiries, you should receive at least a few positive replies. Your initial email should provide basic biographical information, educational background (relevant college coursework completed), career goals, and a listing of any technical skills which you have already mastered. Meet with a staff member of Career Development who will help you with resume and cover letter development. Do not add attachments to these emails. Put everything in the body of the text. 


    b) Many medical schools have programs of research for undergraduates in the summer months. Most carry generous stipends and also provide group meetings, seminars, and social activities. They run for 7-10 weeks and there are many more applicants than available positions. Successful applicants have usually completed some advanced-level science courses and have also been previously involved in research at their own colleges or in outside institutions or companies. 


    Clinical Research



    These positions usually involve a statistical analysis of treatments and outcomes. They generally require far less scientific knowledge, although courses in statistics and a working knowledge of appropriate computer programs will be essential.  They may be paid or volunteer and often require a shorter commitment of working hours and fewer weeks.  


     The following websites will provide listings and links to some of the programs that you may wish to consider for applications: 




    Gateway to Dentistry Program (UMDNJ)





     Also check for opportunities at dental laboratories and various community outreach programs.   




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