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Engineers today should expect to contribute more than technical competence. They must be alert to the implications of their work and aware of both society's changing priorities and its timeless values. Engineers must be concerned about the effects of science and technology on the environment and quality of life, and be prepared to apply their knowledge of applied science to ever-changing and emerging technologies.

The Major

Students interested in an engineering career may major in pre-engineering or choose from a variety of related majors including chemistry, computer science and mathematics. Training as an engineer is also excellent preparation for graduate or professional study in such fields as applied mathematics, applied physics, law, medicine and math/science education.

Please click here for a list of pre-engineering requirements. Students applying to Columbia for the BA/BS combined plan must also fulfill all the local Columbia Engineering Major requirements in the Columbia Combined Plan Guide. 

Pre-Engineering Adviser: Edward Berliner is your pre-engineering adviser. Dr. Berliner is located in Belfer Hall, room 1311. To arrange appointments, call 212.960.5333 or e-mail

Combined Programs

For engineering students, Yeshiva University offers two combined programs with Columbia University.

The BA/BS Plan: A student who attends YU for a minimum of three years, fulfilling all general course requirements for graduation and all Columbia subject pre-requisites, while maintaining a 3.3 average GPA in science/math courses (with no single grade lower than a B) as well as an overall 3.3 GPA and receives the recommendation of the pre-engineering adviser may be admitted to Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. The student attends Columbia for two years and, upon successful completion of the program, YU confers a Bachelor of Arts degree and Columbia concurrently confers a Bachelor of Science degree. Regardless of YU Major, Students must fulfill all the Columbia specified requirements for the selected Engineering Major.

The BA/MS Plan: Any student who graduates from Yeshiva College with an appropriate major and maintains a 3.3 average will (despite not having earned a BS) be eligible to apply for admission to the master's program in engineering at Columbia University Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.