• The Lamm Heritage

  • The story of Yeshiva University is inextricably linked to the life and work of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm.

    In celebration of Dr. Lamm's 80th birthday, we sought to honor his exceptional scholarly, spiritual and leadership contributions to Yeshiva University and to the world Jewish community.

    To pay tribute to him, we have established this website, a virtual meeting place for the ideas and scholarship of this distinguished rabbi, philosopher, teacher and author.

    Yeshiva University has digitized more than 800 of Dr. Lamm's sermons for inclusion on this site. The Norman Lamm Archives houses his scholarly works, connects his work to Jewish communities around the world and offers audio and video of his ongoing lectures and discussions.

    Through this site, Dr. Lamm has a direct venue from which to share his wisdom and accomplishments—past, present and future—with visitors from across the globe.

    Please join us as we celebrate and honor Dr. Norman Lamm and the lasting legacy he continues to create for the Jewish people.

    We are grateful for the founding support of Lamm Heritage patrons Lotte and Ludwig Bravmann, Miriam and Alan Goldberg, Inge and Ira Rennert, Jack Rudin, Jeanie and Jay Schottenstein, Ronald P. Stanton, Lynn and Sy Syms, and Judith and Morry Weiss.

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