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YU Green Office Program

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For your office or department to meet Level 3 of the YU Green Office Program the following steps need to be met:

Prerequisite: Level 2


  • Power strips are used centrally for each individual work station and are switched off at night.

  • Small appliances such as microwaves, coffee makers are unplugged at night or programmed to shut off through a timer.

  • During extreme hot or cold weather, blinds are drawn at individual work stations at night.


  • Invite the Office of Energy & Sustainability to come speak to us regarding energy, recycling, waste reduction and further ways we could be green.

  • Someone in the office is a part of the school-wide Energy & Sustainability Initiatives/Meetings.

  • The office inspired another department or group to participate in the Green Office Program.

Waste Management

  • The office has a collection area to collect batteries, inkjet & printer cartridges, and plastic pens from employees as well as for other offices.

  • If toner cartridges come with a mailing label, they are sent directly back to the manufacturer.

  • The office contacts IT services on Manhattan Campuses & Supporting Services on the Resnick Campus for proper disposal of large electronic waste such as computers, laptops, printers, office phones, etc.

  • Our events always take the “Greening Events” information provided by the Events Office into consideration. LINK WHEN AVAILABLE.


  • When planning work-related travel, green transportation options are considered as well as lodging located close to the event.


  • The office purchases minimum 30% recycled paper for letterhead, envelopes and all other paper purchases.

  • 30-50% reduction of individual printers used within the office. The following are questions that can help you eliminate unnecessary printers:
    1.       Are you more than 50- 70 feet from a network printer?
    2.       Does your individual printer double side?
    3.       Are you printing extremely confidential material?

  • All bottled water service is replaced by point-of-use water systems with timer attached or by simple water filtration devices (ie Brita).

  •  If the office purchases its own cleaning products, only green cleaning products are purchased. Cleaning Product Sheet for Purchasers is placed in their office.

  • All office employees use reusable cups, mugs and water bottles in the office instead of disposable containers.