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STAPLES/Offices Supplies

Yeshiva University has contracted with Staples Advantage to be the University's office supply vendor.

If you have general questions about the status of an order, are looking for an item that you cannot find or have any other general questions regarding placing an order, please call the Staples Customer Care Team at 800.373.1929 or e-mail

Our Staples sales representative is Sharon McGill. Sharon will be on the Resnick Campus Tuesday mornings and the Wilf Campus Thursday mornings. She can be reached at 800.950.1257, ext. 4630, or e-mail her at

Tracking an Order

Call the Staples Customer Care Team at the above number. A customer service rep will ask you for your order number, but instead tell the rep you ordered from a third-party platform (SciQuest), give the rep the YU account number (82341) and then your YU PO number.

How to Purchase Office Supplies Via Staples

As of January, 1, 2010, you no longer need to have a Stapleslink account to purchase office supplies. Staples is now available through SciQuest.

If you currently have access to the YU purchase order system (Jacada), you don't need to do anything. You can go ahead and make Staples purchases by creating a SciQuest Catalog order in Jacada. (If you need to request access to Jacada, click here for the form.) If you are not authorized to make purchases, but need access to SciQuest for Assign Cart, click here and request a SciQuest login and password.

How to Return an Order

Call the Customer Care Team at 800.373.1929 (this number is posted on Stapleslink under the "Customer Service" tab on the gray tool bar).

When asked for your account number, respond with the following statement: ''I am with Yeshiva University and we order on a third-party platform and not directly on Stapleslink. Here is my account number--82341." Then provide your purchase order number from Jacada. The rep can then pull up your order and process the return for you.

Technical Help

If you have any questions regarding using the Stapleslink site or issues with the functionality of the site, please call the technical assistance line at 800.633.6080. For questions with Jacada or SciQuest, please contact Anita Butta at 718.430.8886 or