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Talmudic Encyclopedia (Included in Bar Ilan database)

Talmud Text Databank (Saul Lieberman Institute) - This database contains manuscripts, first printed editions and Cairo Geniza fragments of the Babylonian Talmud. Additionally, there are more than 1,700 digital photographs of Mishnah and Talmud fragments from the Adler Geniza collection in New York (JTS) and early European fragments from libraries and archives in Italy. - Interactive and multimedia resources for students and educators, grades K-12.

Thomas Register

Timelines (from Oxford Reference Online) - Timelines of notable events arranged by themes and linked to entries in Oxford Reference Online.

Tosefta Textual Witnesses Database - Includes all extant manuscripts: Ms Vienna, Ms Erfurt, Ms London, the Venice editio princeps and transcriptions of all Geniza fragments and European binding fragments. The database also includes a catalogue of all the fragments divided by tractates; the fragments are joined to reconstruct original copies.

Torah Treasures (DBS. Access in Library only.)

Ulrichsweb - Find detailed information about print and online periodicals including scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, popular magazines, newspapers, and newsletters. Tip: When searching a journal title, it is best to enclose it in quotation marks, eg: "Health and Social Work".  

UniworldBP - Directory of Israeli companies in the US and US companies operating In Israel. Visit the Career Development Center website for login and password information the first time you access UniworldBP.