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Occupational Outlook Handbook - Published by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, this handbook provides information regarding hundreds of occupations including training and education needed, earnings, job prospects, job descriptions, and working conditions.

OED Online - Oxford English Dictionary

Old Testament Abstracts

Online Books - More than 18000 freely available electronic books from a variety of sources are included. A University of Pennsylvania project.

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha

Online Heritage - rare and out-of-print monographs from the National Library of Israel's Digitized Book Repository. - Search this highly customizable database of online masters programs, financial aid, and employment information to find the field of study and degree program that best suits you. Data is culled from government and school sources. 

Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts

Opposing Viewpoints in Context– Find data for papers and presentations on over 5,000 social issues such as Gun Control, Genetic Engineering, Censorship, Endangered Species, and Terrorism. This resource provides continuously updated information from pro/con essays, reference book and journal articles, websites, podcasts and videos.

Orion Dead Sea Scrolls Bibliography-The Orion Center's bibliography, which covers items from 1995 to the present, allows users to keep up to date on scholarship on the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

Otsar Haposkim - Shas and Rishonim (Access in Library only. Insert CD.)

Otsrot ha-shut - Otsar ha-Poskim (Access in Mendel Gottesman Library only. Insert CD)

Otzar HaHochma Online - A digital library of more than 53,000 traditional Hebrew books.

Oxford Art Online - Find articles on artists and their works, images, definitions of art terms, and comprehensive analyses of issues in the field of aesthetics.

Oxford Music Online

Oxford Reference Online - Language dictionaries, quotation collections, thesauri, and discipline specific works.