Jewish Education

Yeshiva University is known worldwide for its comprehensive, unparalleled and uncompromising Jewish education. Offering countless programs for both undergraduates and graduates, YU's Jewish education is the foundation of our University, providing its ethical, spiritual and philosophical compass. Indeed, the ideals of Judaism are woven into the very fabric of YU, inculcating students with a powerful vision of the Jewish past and their role in its future.

Setting the Bar High: Undergraduate Jewish Studies

Designed to deepen students' moral and philosophical perspective and to teach them valuable life skills, our Torah Studies Programs train students to engage in rigorous intellectual thought. A significant portion of both the men's and women's undergraduate curriculum consists of required Jewish studies. The women of Stern College for Women and Sy Syms School of Business choose from two Torah Studies Programs, each of which challenges the mind and nurtures the spirit. The men of Yeshiva College and Sy Syms School of Business select from four distinct options based on classical Talmud Torah, an intensive analysis of classic Jewish texts in their Hebrew and Aramaic originals.

Advancing Your Jewish Education

Our world-renowned schools and affiliates take Jewish education to the highest levels:

Innovative women's graduate programs include a Master of Arts in Biblical and Talmudic Interpretation at Stern College for Women.

Pathways to Success

Our pathways to success are many. Qualified undergraduates can take courses at Revel or Azrieli. And for those who choose to begin their YU education in Israel, the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program provides structure, support and guidance for more than 600 young men and women each year.

Other Israel study opportunities include our month long July in Jerusalem Program, which combines Torah learning, volunteering and group touring. The Center for the Jewish Future offers summer and winter missions to Israel (and other countries), along with programs that strengthen and enhance students' understanding of Judaism and their position in the world.

Learn more about other YU pathways, including business, economics, Jewish studies, law and much more.

Alumni: Carrying on the YU Tradition

Our alumni have gone on to success in every field, due largely to their superior YU Jewish education and the character, conscience and identity this education helped form. From rabbis and professors to doctors, lawyers, journalists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs and social workers, our highly respected alumni are in demand across the world.


Only through formal Jewish education can we ensure the spiritual, national and cultural future of the Jewish people. As it has been doing since its inception in 1886, Yeshiva University helps guarantee a strong and vibrant Jewish future, infusing the world with light as it does so. Instilling its students with an abiding love and appreciation of their Jewish heritage, Jewish education at YU takes them wherever they choose to go.