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Verizon FIOS for Student Housing

We are pleased to announce that new Verizon FIOS 50/25 Quantum Speed service has been installed in every dorm room in both the Wilf and Beren Campuses. The performance of this service, which promises speeds capable of uploading 200 photos in just over a minute, will provide a vastly superior internet experience for all students residing in University Housing.

Internet service, in its existing 50/25 speed is being covered by the University. You are not responsible for any additional fees.

Instructions to set up the FIOS service in your room:
• Password letters are case sensitive.
• You are not permitted to change the passwords for any of the routers.
• When logging in for the first time in a new space (ie. friend’s dorm room, lounge), you must enter the information on that router. That username and password will not need to be re-entered during subsequent uses in that room. If studying in a hallway, refer to the list on the bulletin board for router information on that floor (to be posted shortly).
• Routers have been installed in all dormitory lounges. Signs will be posted shortly listing the username and password for that router.
• YU Wireless will be eliminated in all residence halls within the next couple of months.

Please report any questions or problems to your on campus Housing Department. A dedicated Verizon support team has been established to answer our questions and address any problems that may arise. YU’s Information Technology Services and Telecommunications departments will also be readily available for support.