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About YUGuest 

YUGuest is a wireless network intended for visitors of the University. YUGuest is an unsecured and bandwidth limited network.

*Please note: All faculty, students and staff should use YUWireless for wireless access.



Who is a guest?
What is the difference between standard and registered guest access?
How do guests connect to the network?
How do guests obtain registered guest accounts?
Who creates the registered guest accounts?
How long are the registered guest accounts active for? 


Who is a guest? 

A guest is anyone who is not a staff, student, or faculty member. As it relates to YU's Wi-Fi network there are two types of guests. Standard and registered.


What is the difference between standard and registered guest access? 

  1. Standard guest access - Provides the ability to browse the web and check email. Standard access is bandwidth restricted and cannot access many University resources.
  2. Registered guest access - Provides greater bandwidth and network access.

While standard access is sufficient for the vast majority of visitors ITS understands that some, such as long term visitors may have different requirements. Registered guest is intended for them.


How do guests connect to the network? 

All guests of the University may use the YUGuest wireless network to connect to the campus network and Internet. Simply connect to YUGuest, open a web browser, and you will be asked to authenticate. There are two methods for guests to authenticate.

  1. Standard guest access - Available to all visitors. Simply enter your email address for authentication. 
  2. Registered guest access - Guests who need greater network access and bandwidth may connect using a Username and password for authentication.


How do guests obtain a registered guest account? 

Guests may obtain guest credentials from their sponsoring department. As stated above guest who need standard access may authenticate with their email address.


Who creates registered guest accounts? 

Designated departmental administrators have access to create and manage wireless guest accounts.

(If you are a faculty or staff member who requires access to create wireless guest accounts please put a request in with the help desk at #6123, or 


How long are the registered guest accounts active for? 

Registered guest accounts are temporary and are available for either 2 days, or 1 week increments.


If there are any issues or concerns, please report them to the ITS Help Desk at #6123 from any University phone, or