What is 25Live?

25Live is the event scheduling software used by Yeshiva University. It is used to schedule every meeting and event held on the Wilf, Beren, and Cardozo campuses(as well as any off-campus university-sponsored event). Submitting an event request through this system allows you to request rooms, setups, and related resources as well as promote it on the University Event Calendars. 25Live is a web-based event publishing and scheduling application that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. 25Live streamlines the process of event scheduling by providing recommended locations based on attendee count and real-time availability. It also allows users to see photos of spaces, create favorites and lists, and customize search preferences.  

All requesters on the Wilf and Beren campus are required to attend a 25Live training. To schedule a training, please fill out this form.   Once trained, the user will have access to extensive information. They will be able to see room status, pictures, and details as well as several calendars detailing the room usage, based on the needs of the user. All scheduled events will be available for review as well as two years of past events, with more available to the events staff, if necessary.

25Live is only available to staff members and faculty, students are to work directly with the Office of Student Life to request events.

Please Note: Internet Explorer is not recommended for accessing 25Live: Safari, Firefox or Chrome are the suggested browsers.


Accessing 25Live

Once trained there are three ways to access 25Live:

  1. The user can follow the direct link to 25Live
  2. The user can log into Inside Track and under the Employee Tab, in the Employee Tools and Systems column, there is a link to 25Live.
  3. Visit www.yu.edu/events and select “Request an Event”

Users will need to use their Inside Track login and password to access 25Live.


Additional Notes

Please allow a minimum of two business days for your event request to be processed. The Office of Events will determine the availability of space based on the scheduling policy* and will send a confirmation to the requester, providing all necessary information and approvals are obtained for the event. An email confirmation will be sent to the contact person when the location has been assigned. Your request will remain tentative until that time. 

Once you receive your event confirmation email, please review it thoroughly to ensure the location, timing, and setup are correct. Any changes can be emailed to events@yu.edu along with your event reference ID (ex:2018-AA****). The user has limited editing powers and is able to edit the promotional description and attached files only.


Contact info

For 25Live questions and issues, please email 25livesupport@yu.edu 

For event questions and issues, please email events@yu.edu