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    The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.


    Neer Asherie, Professor of Physics and Biology (W)

    Marc Bastuscheck, Adjunct Instructor in Physics (W)

    Mahdokht Behravan, Instructor in Physics (W)

    Sergey Buldyrev, Professor of Physics (W)

    Gabriel Cwilich, Professor of Physics (W); 
          Division Coordinator of Natural & Mathematical Sciences; 
          Director of the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program

    Mark Edelman, Clinical Associate Professor of Physics (B)

    Lea Ferreira dos Santos, Professor of Physics (B)

    Anatoly Frenkel, Professor of Physics (B);
         Co-Chair, Department of Physics

    Emil Prodan, Professor of Physics (B)

    Fredy Zypman, Professor of Physics (W);
         Co-Chair, Department of Physics

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