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    "Mathematics is the tool specially suited for dealing with abstract concepts of any kind and there is no limit to its power in this field."
    —Paul Dirac (1902–1984)

    The Mathematics major at Yeshiva College includes the options of specialized tracks in computer science and actuarial science, and a BA/MA program. Alumni have been accepted to graduate programs at Harvard University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University, Columbia University, Hebrew University, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, University of California at Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Rutgers University, the University of California at Los Angeles, and the University of Pennsylvania. Industrial employers of alumni include Google, Citigroup, Travelers Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Northrup Grumman, Deloitte and Touche, Goldman Sachs, Ernst & Young Actuarial Group, and many others. 

    The Yeshiva College mathematics faculty pursue research programs in both pure and applied mathematics. In addition to teaching formal courses, we offer advanced tutorials on topics of current research interest in mathematics and supervise individual projects with students . 

    Graduate Programs

    In addition to undergraduate programs at Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women, the department offers programs leading to a Master of Arts in Mathematics and a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences. These programs focus on a range of topics in pure and applied mathematics, including partial differential equations, models of shock waves, geometric analysis, mathematical physics, risk theory, time series analysis, algebra and logic. For more information, visit our graduate programs in mathematics site

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