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    The computer science program at Yeshiva College stresses both the practical and the theoretical aspects of computers. Students learn programming languages, advanced technology, digital logic and numerical methods. The curriculum is designed under guidelines established by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

    Hands-on experience is offered on local area networks (LANs) consisting of Pentium computers and several interconnected systems running UNIX. Compilers or interpreters are available for several languages, including C/C++/Visual C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic, COBOL, Fortran, Fortran 77, Perl, Pascal, and UNIX.

    A variety of on-screen editors, word processing, graphics, database, and general applications software is also available, as are extensive business management, accounting, banking, finance, and statistical packages.

    The curriculum at Yeshiva College prepares students for continued study in either theoretical or applied computer science. Particular emphasis is given to industrial computing, including web programming and development, industrial software design, and cybersecurity.

    The programs in mathematics and computer science at the two undergraduate campuses are administered by a single University-wide department: the Department of Mathematical Sciences. In addition to the four undergraduate programs, the department also offers MA and PhD programs in mathematics.

    Administration, Department of Mathematical Sciences

    Co-Chair for Yeshiva College: Gabriel Cwilich cwilich@yu.edu ext. 6886

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