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  • Research and Publications

    Research and writing is at the heart of what we do at Wurzweiler. Our faculty are scholars and practitioners who combine significant academic achievements with dedication to teaching and commitment to the professional community. Their ongoing research and publications not only focus on the latest issues and trends in social work but also demonstrate their dedication to the school’s mission: to prepared skilled social workers for practice in both the general and Jewish communities.

    Research Findings and Curriculum on Hearing Loss in Infants

     Wurzweiler professors Dr. Charles Auerbach, Dr. Susan Mason and Dr. Wendy Zeitlin recently presented the findings from their research on Hearing Loss in Infants

    The resources and modules are below.

    Hearing Module - Pediatric Hearing Loss (PDF)

    Hearing Module- Public Health (PDF)

    Hearing Module- Working with Families of Children with HL (PDF)


    Resources - Hearing Loss in Infants and Children (PDF)

    Resources - Public Health and Working with Families (PDF)




     The Social Work Forum

    The Social Work Forum (PDF) is a refereed journal of social work practice and Jewish social thought published by Wurzweiler. We are devoted to presenting the current thinking, expertise and experience of faculty, social workers and educators in the professional fields of social work and Jewish communal service.

    Contributors are invited to submit articles for publication consideration to the editors:
    Professor Daniel Pollack
    Wurzweiler School of Social Work
    Yeshiva University
    2495 Amsterdam Avenue
    New York, NY 10033-3299
    Telephone: 212.960.0836
    Fax: 212.960.0822

    Eric Levine
    Vice President, Institutional Advancement
    Touro College
    27 West 23rd Street
    New York, NY 10010
    Telephone: 212.463.0400, ext. 5195

    Instructions for Contributors (PDF)

  • Recent Faculty Publications and Research

    We all know that our faculty is full of excellent teachers, but they are also applying what they teach out in the field. Take a look at some of their latest writings and research (PDF).





    Single-system research resoures:  


    SSD is a set of functions written in R for the analysis of single-system design data. R is a free, open source programming language for statistical analysis and graphics.  It is compatible with Windows and OSX.  


    In order to use the functions in SSD, you will need to download R and Rstudio. Links to download R, RStudio, SSD, tutorial videos and more are available on Drs. Auerbach and Schudrich’s website, or at the link shown above. 


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