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  • Why Give to Yeshiva University's Undergraduate Schools?

    It's a simple question, yet one that has numerous answers.

    Our Jewish Education

    Yeshiva University, which offers an excellent education in both Jewish and secular studies, is first founded on a commitment to Jewish learning and values. It is dedicated to the synergy of modernity and Jewish law and tradition; to finding a common grown between Jews of all denominations and perspectives; and to a Modern Orthodoxy that is based in Jewish law and open and tolerant, with an emphasis on tikkum olam [communal service for the betterment of mankind]. Our graduates go on to become leading rabbis, heads of Jewish communal organizations, scholars, and teachers at day schools and yeshivot throughout the world.

    Our Secular Education

    Yeshiva University is, quite simply, the premier institution of higher secular education in North America under Jewish auspices. It is a top-tier global university with undergraduate schools of liberal arts, sciences and business; graduate and professional schools of law, psychology, social work, education and Jewish studies; and an affiliated rabbinical seminary and school of medicine. Our graduates go on to become successful lawyers, doctors, psychologists and others who contribute to the welfare of their communities and society at large.

    Our Commitment to the Jewish Community

    The majority of our undergraduate students participate in programs that enhance Jewish life and greater society, in keeping with Judaism's core values of helping to repair the world and assisting those in need. The Center for the Jewish Future develops future professional and lay leaders of the Jewish people and implement programs and services that will meet the needs of the Jewish community. The Zahava and Moshael Straus Center for Torah and Western Thought provides meaningful opportunities for conversations in Jewish communities across North America and beyond about what it means to view Western ideals and values through the lens of Torah Judaism.

    Our Priority to Our Students

    With a first-rate education in both Jewish and secular studies comes an expense that many families, especially in the current economic climate, cannot always meet. YU's most important priority is scholarships for our students. We are deeply committed to never turning away a qualified student who wishes to attend Yeshiva, no matter what his or her financial situation may be.

    To give to YU, you can click on ''Give Now'' below, which will take you to a secure transaction site in which you can be confident that your information will not be shared with anyone. To learn more about the different ways to give, to ask questions or to speak to someone who can give you more specific information, contact give2yu@yu.edu or 212. 960.0863.

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