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    Yeshiva University benefactors, donors with lifetime cumulative gifts over a million dollars, enable the University to pursue larger initiatives and respond promptly to new opportunities. Many benefactors also serve in leadership roles at Yeshiva University. With the utmost gratitude we thank them for the multifaceted role they play in ensuring our University's success.  (List current as of March 2016)

    S. Daniel Abraham Jeanne Gray Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert
    Dr. Joseph and Rachel Ades Morris (Moshe) and Charlotte Green Judith and Burton P. Resnick
    Estate of Irma Adler Kathryn O. and Alan C. Greenberg Jack and Pearl Resnick
    Dr. André Aisenstadt Max and Marion Grill Charles H. Revson
    Estate of Naumi Alcalay Ronald and Ethel Gruen George Richmond, MD
    Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham Alcalay and Jelena (Rachel) Alcalay Leonard and Chani Grunstein The Ritter Foundation
    Joseph Alexander Foundation Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf
    Bernard E., Jacob J., and Lloyd J. Alpern The Gruss Lipper Family Foundation Robin Hood Foundation
    Alpern Family Foundation, Inc. Abraham S. and Irene Guterman Evelyn and Israel Rogosin
    Barbara and Philip Altheim Raymond and Bettie Haas The Aaron, Martha, Isidore N. and Blanche Rosansky Foundation
    Linda and Earle Altman Arie and Eva Halpern Estate of Stella Rose
    Atran Foundation Susan U. Halpern Rita and Philip Rosen
    Nathan S. Ancell Sam and Gladys Halpern Judy R. and Alfred A. Rosenberg
    Estate of Ruth Anixter Estate of Irma Hamburger Vivian Glueck Rosenberg and Henry Rosenberg
    Mrs. Moses L. Annenberg Marilyn C. and Jerry S. Handler Wallace D. Ross
    The Hon. Walter H. Annenberg Fran and Mel Harris Hedwig and Ernst Roth
    Leila and Joseph Applebaum Benjamin and Beth Heller Julia and Eli L. Rousso
    Estate of Nathan Appleman Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Louis E. and Dora Rousso
    Rabbi Hyman and Ann Arbesfeld Erwin and Madeleine Herling Lawrence Ruben, Esq.
    Ambassador Roland and Dawn Arnall Janet and Arthur Hershaft Estate of Jack Rubin
    The Atlantic Philanthropies Samuel and Ronnie Heyman Florence and Irving Rubinstein
    Joan and Lester Avnet Estate of Irma T. Hirschl Robert Eli and Renée Rubinstein
    David J. and Stephanie Azrieli Dr. Rivkie and Mr. Lance Hirt Estate of Lila Rudin
    Frederick and Eleanore Backer Shimmie and Alissa Horn The Rudin Family
    Jeannette P. Barron Charitable Trust Carl C. Icahn Bernice L. and Cecil Rudnick
    Charles C. Bassine E. Billi Ivry Milton Rybkowski
    Florence and Theodore Baumritter Joel Jablonski Edmond J. Safra/Republic National Bank of New York
    Dr. Jayne G. and Harvey Beker Harry and Rose Jacobs Foundation The Family of Chella and Moise Safra
    Diane and Arthur B. Belfer The Yolanda G. Jacobs Trust Anita and Jack Saltz
    Renée E. and Robert A. Belfer Pauline Perlmutter Jarett Cindi and David Samson & Family
    Marilyn and Jack A. Belz Erica and Ludwig Jesselson Maurice H. Saval
    Sarah and Philip Belz Jesselson Family Dorothy and David I. Schachne
    Els and Charles Bendheim Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Frances and Daniel Schamarock
    Estate of Peter Benenfeld Jim Joseph Foundation Fiona and Michael Scharf
    Estate of William Benenson Sandra and Nathan S. Kahn Edythe and Sol Scharfstein
    Dorothy and Carl Bennett Joan and Ernest Kalman Estate of Anne Scheiber
    Harry H. Beren Rae and Henry Kalman Sol T. and Hortense Scheinman
    Israel Henry Beren Maurice S. Kanbar Betty and Herbert H. Schiff
    Robert M. Beren Estate of Arthur Kaplan Fredericke and Lawrence Schleifer
    Israel Henry Beren Charitable Trust Adina and Marcos D. Katz Helen and Irving Schneider
    David Berg Ida and Louis Katz Henry R. Schnitzer
    Margaret and Sol Berger Mordecai D. and Dr. Monique C. Katz Jerome, Saul, Alvin Schottenstein Families
    Max Berger Trust Marilyn and Stanley M. Katz Geraldine Schottenstein
    Dorothy and Julius Berman Henry and Elaine Kaufman Foundation Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein
    Dassie and Rabbi Marvin Bienenfeld Mildred and Bernard H. Kayden Mozes S. Schupf Foundation
    Gertrude and Morris Bienenfeld Gloria and Harvey Kaylie David and Irene Schwartz
    Halina and Samson Bitensky W.M. Keck Foundation The Beatrice and Samuel A. Seaver Foundation
    Marjorie Diener Blenden The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation David and Fela Shapell Family Foundation
    Harold and Muriel Block Joseph Kerzner Ruth and Irwin Shapiro
    Tekla and Simon A. Bond-Cyvia and Moshe Bezalel Baumblat Kestenbaum Family Foundation Dorothy and Martin Silverman
    Lotte and Ludwig Bravmann Lucille and Edward A. Kimmel Estate of Nina Silverman
    The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. F.M. Kirby Foundation Patty and Lorin Silverman
    Carl S. Bresnick and Don A.S. Breswick The E.P. and Roberta L. Kirschner Trust Stanley and Raine Silverstein
    The Edna S. Brodie Trust George and Adele Klein Sydel and Michael Singer
    The Brookdale Foundation Marc and Doris Kolber Branna and Irving Sisenwein
    Joseph and Gertrud Buchler Sarah Korein The Skirball Foundation
    Jacob Burns Foundation Saul and Mira Koschitzky and Henry and Julia Koschitzky The Smart Family Foundation
    Sylvia and Irwin S. Chanin Estate of David R. Koston Marilyn and Herbert Smilowitz
    Dr. Lillian Chutick Lola and Saul Kramer Estate of Sidney Solid
    Dr. Rebecca Chutick Tamara and Charles A. Krasne Sheldon H. Solow
    Rose and Wilfred P. Cohen Bertha and Dr. Henry Kressel The Helen & Irving Spatz Foundation
    Tali Rosenblatt Cohen and Sender Z. Cohen The Joan B. Kroc Foundation Helen and Irving Spatz
    Herman Dana Trust Doris and Dr. Ira Kukin Estate of Benjamin and Frances Sperling
    Mirrel Davis Fran and Rabbi Jonah Kupietzky Ronald P. Stanton
    Dr. Philip David Seryl and Charles Kushner Estate of Harold R. and Lillian Stein
    Estate of Rebecca Davis Emily Fisher Landau Estate of Helen Stein
    Leonard and Sophie Davis Foundation Mildred and William S. Lasdon Judith and Dr. Edward L. Steinberg
    J. Morton and Rosalind Davis Linda and Murray Laulicht Jeffrey J. Steiner
    Herbert S. and Naomi Denenberg Bruce Leff Estate of Margarethe I. Stern
    Leonard and Bea Diener Ethel and Samuel J. LeFrak Ghity and Max Stern
    Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Irwin and Silvia Leiferman Leonard N. Stern
    Erica A. Drake Estate of Bertram Leslie in memory of Nathan and Julia Levy Stanley E. and Simha Stern
    Lea and Leon Eisenberg Dorothy Drexler Leuw Johanne and Norman Sternthal
    Warren and Mitzi Eisenberg Anne and Gabriel Levine Louise and Michael Stocker
    El-An Foundation (Schottenstein, Deshe, and Diamond Families) Blanche R. Levine Stone-Sapirstein-Weiss Family
    The Ellison Medical Foundation Rhoda Miriam Levine Irving I. Stone Support Foundation
    Col. and Mrs. Jehiel R. Elyachar The Levitt Foundation Zahava and Moshael J. Straus
    Estate of Joseph Emanuel for the Benzion, Clara, Jacob, Sarah and Joseph Emanuel Fund Benjamin J. and Anna E.M. Levy Rosa and Harry Strygler
    Caryl and Israel Englander Betty and Norman F. Levy Leo and Rachel Sussman
    Kurt and Margaret Enoch Jacob P. and Estelle Lieberman Gerald and Mary Swartz
    Estate of Ernst L. Ernest Marcia and Ronald Lissak Lynn and Sy Syms
    Ebrahim Ben Davood Eliahu Eshaghian Frances and Herman Lopata Joseph Tanenbaum
    Etra Family Jeffrey H. Loria Benjamin Teitel
    Sara and Kalman Fainzylber Evlynne and Max M. Low Thomas H. Lee and Ann G. Tenenbaum
    Anne and Isidore Falk Evelyn and Joseph I. Lubin Florence and Herbert Tenzer
    Rose C. Falkenstein Mack Family Laurie M. Tisch
    Feil Family Foundation H. Bert and Ruth Mack Sheryl and Daniel R. Tishman
    Lee and Jeffrey J. Feil Gela, Leon and Michael H. Maneli Foundation Estate of Joseph Tonkin
    Abraham and Lillian Feinberg Ira Marienhoff Estate of Dr. Sadie Edith Trachman and Dr. Miriam E. Trachman
    Betty and Sheldon Feinberg Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust Louis A. Tuvin
    Harold and Isabel Feld Charitable Trust Estate of Marie Markus Siegfried and Irma Ullmann
    Estelle and Eugene Ferkauf The G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation Milton and Pearl Unger
    Nathan and Vivian Fink Maxwell R. Maybaum Unterweiser Estate
    Maria and Joel Finkle Ceil and Joseph Mazer Jack D. and Doris Weiler
    Gwen and Lester Fisher Mazer Family Kathy and Samuel G. Weinberg
    Martin A. and Emily L. Fisher Estate of Arthur Mendheim Evelyne and Murray Weinstock
    Dr. Jack Fishman Ursula and Hermann Merkin Jacob D. and Bronka Weintraub
    Dr. Stephen H. Floersheimer Ruth Merns Sidney Weisner
    Leo and Julia Forchheimer Foundation Sydelle and Arthur I. Meyer Morry and Judith Weiss
    Leo and Florence Forchheimer Charles R. Michael Edna and K.B. Weissman
    The Ford Foundation Jakob Michael Esther Wertenteil
    George and Elizabeth Frankel Diane and Ira M. Millstein Judy and Josh S. Weston
    Estate of Charles Friedberg Marco and Louise Mitrani Harry and Judith Wilf
    Max L. and Sadie Friedman Selma and Dr. Jacques Mitrani Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf
    Rose and Philip Friedman Ruth and David, Mindy and Ira Mitzner Families Leonard and Beth Wilf
    George J. Fruhman, M.D. Estate of Arthur P. Morgan Mark and Jane Wilf
    Sol and Hilda Furst Foundation Samuel Morganroth Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf
    Violet and Gerald Furst Samuel and Claire A. Mozel Benjamin and Susan Winter
    Michael M. and Barbara Gamson Ruth and Hyman Muss Family Elliot K. and Nancy Wolk
    Debbie and Elliot Gibber Stanley H. and Toby Muss and Joshua L. and Harriet Muss The Wollowick Family Foundation
    Drs. Felix and Miriam Glaubach Drs. Jack M. and Gitta Nagel Estate of Dr. Benjamin Wolstein
    Jacob Glueck Dr. Abraham Naymark Deena and Harvey Wrubel
    Rachel and Samuel H. Golding Sammy and Aviva Ofer Wurzweiler Foundation
    Samuel H. Golding and Jerrold R. Golding Sylvia and Robert S. Olnick David and Grace Yagoda
    Edna S. and David Goldman Sidney L. and Miriam K. Olson Rose Yavarkovsky and Ira Yavarkovsky
    Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Arnold S. Penner and Madaleine Berley Yeshiva University Women's Organization
    Horace W. Goldsmith The Caroll and Milton Petrie Foundation Zises Family
    Roslyn and Leslie Goldstein Pew Charitable Trust Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Zizmor
    The Abraham and Mildred Goldstein Charitable Trust Laura and John J. Pomerantz Wendy Zizmor
    Ruth and I. Lewis Gordon Estate of Beatrice Potter Anita G. Zucker
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gottesman The Price Family Foundation Lenore and Larry Zusman
    David S. and Ruth L. Gottesman Terry and Asriel Rackow Benjamin Zysman
    D.S. and R.H. Gottesman Foundation Estate of Yolaine G. Randall David H. Zysman
    Lawrence Gralla Estates of Benjamin, Minna, and Robert A. Reeves Anonymous (19)
    Shirley and Milton Gralla Estate of Gertrude E. Reicher in memory of Eleazer and Feige Reicher  


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