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    /uploadedImages/Student_Life/Student-Organizations/Student-Organizations-Placeholder/Home/Student_Councils/SOY JSC logo.PNGThe Student Organization of Yeshiva and Jewish Studies Council, also known as SOY-JSC, focuses on fulfilling the religious needs of Yeshiva University's Wilf Campus Students.  SOY-JSC is determined to fulfill its mission to create a comfortable Jewish environment, filled with Torah learning and religious life on campus, as well as to serve the greater YU community and support Torah and religiously oriented activities.  As representatives of a diverse student body - whether it's the Mechina program, the IBC program, the SBMP program, the MYP program or RIETS - it is our goal to create a unified atmosphere of Torah and Jewish identity on campus.  SOY-JSC's goal is to facilitate each student's opportunity to maximize his own unique religious experience.  At the end of the day, the Yeshiva College/ Sy Syms School of Business Student body can rely on SOY-JSC to create the religious, educational and experiential opportunities that they hope to experience while attending Yeshiva University.


    Contact us at soyjsc@gmail.com


    Isaac Attia, President 
    Jacob Bernstein, Vice President 
    David Drory, Secretary/Treasurer 

    Tyler Buchsbaum, SBMPSC President 
    Max Gordon, IBCSC President  

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