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    Gatekeeper Training
    • Did you know that approximately 9% of college students in America report having seriously considered suicide in the past year?
    • Nearly half of all college students report feeling so down at times that they have been unable to function?

    When students are struggling emotionally, they are more likely to turn to peers and adults they are comfortable with, rather than immediately seek help at the Counseling Center. As such, the YU-SOS gatekeeper training program is designed to empower university staff, coaches, faculty members and Rebbeim to become "gatekeepers" and to interact with distressed and overwhelmed students in a more helpful manner and to make more effective referrals for treatment.

    This 90=minute program is designed to help you learn:

    • How to manage your own anxieties and fears when responding to an overwhelmed, depressed and/or suicidal student.
    • Learn how to effectively listen to, talk with and relate/respond to a student in crisis.
    • Understand the warning signs for suicide and be able to properly respond when faced with them.

    For more information and to schedule a YU-SOS training, please contact counseling@yu.edu.

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