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    Fall 2015 Calendar

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     Fall Semester


    October 9th-10th, Parshat Bereshit: In Shabbos*

    October 16th-17th, Parshat Noach: Active Minds and Sharsheret with Guest Speaker Shera Dubitsky

    October 23th-24th, Parshat Lech-Lecha: Shabbat Project with Guest Speakers Michelle Sarna and The Shloushe Family*

    October 30th-31st, Parshat Vayeira: Beren Unite Shabbat with Guest Speaker Allison Josephs*



    November 6th-7th, Parshat Chayei Sarah: Syms Shabbaton with Guest Speakers Rabbi Daniel and Rachel Kraus

    November 13th-14th, Parshat Toldot: Shabbos with the Bronsteins with Guest Speaker Jacob Bernstein*

    November 20th -21st, Parshat Vayeitzei: SCDS/YCDS and Al Pi Darko with Guest Speaker Rabbi Glickman

    November 27th-28th, Parshat Vayishlach: Thanksgiving*



    December 4th-5th, Parshat Vayeishev: Guest Speakers Nechama Price and Dr. Michelle Levine and Families*

    December 11th-12th, Parshat Miketz: Shabbos Chanukah with Guest Speakers Rabbi Saul and Mrs. Berman*

    December 18th-19th, Parshet Vayigash: Guests Mrs. Rachel Ciment and Famly & Mrs. Becky Ciment and Family*

    December 26th-27th, Parshat Vayechi: Shabbat On Campus*



    January 1st-2nd, Parshat Shemot: Finals*



    January 8th-9th, Parshat Va'eira: In Shabbos*

    January 16th-17th, Parshat Bo: In Shabbos*

    January 22nd-23rd, Parshat Beshalach: In Shabbos*


    *Women Only

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