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    Don't know what to do with all your stuff at the end of the academic year?  

    The University has partnered with MakeSpace on Campus (formerly Storage Bucket), as its official storage provider.  MakeSpace on Campus, a division of MakeSpace.com, is full-service summer storage solution that aims to meet the storage needs of college students through offering them an affordable, convenient, and quality summer storage service. The service provides university students a combination of secure storage along with a reliable and convenient pickup/drop-off service.


    MakeSpace on Campus:

    Facilitates easy pickup/drop-off service directly from students’ dorm rooms
    Stores anything typically found in a dorm room, such as mini fridges, luggage and more
    Utilizes the use of eco-friendly bins, which are more convenient and durable than cardboard boxes
    Provides delivery to all of Manhattan (including the Upper West Side and Washington Heights), Brooklyn, Queens, Hoboken and Jersey City for students moving off campus. There is a $29 fee for this and students must unpack the bins within 20 minutes.


    Steps to Store

    1. Pack: Students pick up buckets from designated locations around campus towards the end of the Spring semester and fill them accordingly.
    2. Pick Up: The packed bins will be picked up directly from the student's dorm room at the end of the Spring semester. The date of pick up is coordinated through the University Housing office so the student does not need to be present.
    3. Storage: The bins will be stored throughout the summer in a secure facility.
    4. Drop Off: The bins will be delivered to the student's new room before she returns to campus for the Fall semester.  The University Housing office will provide MakeSpace with the student's new room assignment.


    For more details or to sign up for the service, visit www.MakeSpace.com/Campus or call 1-800-920-9440.






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