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    Your resident adviser—known as an "RA"—will help ease your transition to college life. with his door almost always open, he is your first resource for answering questions, making referrals and resolving issues. He'll be able to offer tips on everything from study habits to subway directions, from campus activities to restaurant suggestions for you and your family.

    Get to know your RA. Whether you have a question or just want to hang out, he is there to help.

    Every floor has an RA, and these RAs are listed on our Staff Page 

    Want to Be an RA?

    Are you a leader, a doer, and a great teammate?  Do you care for others and want to apply those skills?  Are you creative, dynamic, and organized?  Do you represent the values and ideals of YU and the mission of University Housing and Residence Life?

    If you answered yes to most or all of these, you may want to apply to be an RA for the 2016-2017 year.  The application process is detailed below, and applications are due February 18.


    Serving as an RA is a serious commitment, and the selection process is rigorous.  You will need to complete the following steps:


    1. Read through the position description and rubric for evaluating current RAS
    2. Submit a professional resume and picture of just you to wilfhousing@yu.edu
    3. Request two letters of recommendation and have both of your recommenders fill out the recommendation form
    4. Sign up for an in-person interview
    5. Complete the online application (you will need to sign in with a Google account; your YU Gmail account will work)

    As part of the online application, you will need to give us your personal information, list your future plans and commitments, and respond to two essays and choose one of three prompts for a third, more creative answer.  All three prompts are posted here for your convenience.

    Complete both of these essays in 250-500 words

    As part of UHRL Staff Training, RAs will send emails to all residents of their floors several days before Move-In and Orientation.  Write this email, including subject line and signature, introducing yourself, University Housing, and what residents should expect on campus

    The residence halls are diverse communities, and the UHRL team reflects that.  What in your background (prior education, course of study, personal, or professional) prepares you for this?  How have your previous experiences shaped you into a good RA candidate?  How would you channel this into your work?

    Respond to one of the following prompts in whatever format you feel best addresses it.

    “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination,” said Albert Einstein.  Creativity is critical to an excellent RA; show yours.

    During Fall 2015, UHRL launched Escape the Dorm; during Spring 2016, it is launching a campus-wide Nerf tournament.  These programs will continue in Fall 2016 along with another program that adds to the work of the UHRL team.  What program would you create?  Describe every step of this program, from budgeting and planning, advertising, launch, and improvement.

    What improvement or class of improvements would you make to residence life? How would you plan and execute these improvements?  What role would you as an RA play in this?  How would you publicize this to residents?



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