• Political Science

  • Requirements


    Total Credits: 33

    There are three parts to the major: (1) Introductory courses that provide a foundation to the different subfields of the discipline; (2) Elective course distribution that provides greater depth and narrower focus in each of the subfields; (3) Free electives that allow students to pursue those area(s) that they find most interesting.


    Exit Requirement: Parts I and II Required:

    I. A departmental exit examination that demonstrates competence in the four major
    disciplinary subfields (American politics, comparative politics, international relations,
    and political theory).

    II. Submission of two political science papers which are representative of the student's
    writing at the beginning and end of her studies (such as the first and last paper
    written for a political science course). The inclusion of copies of the instructor's
    original comments is desirable, but not required.


     Please download the fact sheet below to learn more.


    Total Credits: 18

    Please download the fact sheet below to learn more.

    Detailed political science fact sheet (PDF)

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