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    The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.  


    Carla Aurich, Adjunct Instructor in Art (W)

    Daniel Beliavsky, Visiting Associate Professor (W);
          Co-Chair, Department of Fine Arts and Music 

    Mary Creede, Instructor in Art (B)

    Paul Glassman, Adjunct Instructor in Architectural History and Design (W);
         Advisor for Architecture Minor

    John Kriskiewicz, Adjunct Instructor in Art History (B)

    Alexander Rysdon-Moulitsas, Adjunct Instructor in Art (B)

    Margaret Samu, Adjunct Instructor in Art (B)

    Traci Tullius, Associate Professor of Art (B)

    Jacob Wisse, Associate Professor of Art History (B);
         Co-Chair, Department of Fine Arts and Music; Director, Yeshiva University Museum

    Marnin Young, Associate Professor of Art History (B)

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