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    Miriam Miriam Cofsky
    Brooklyn College, MS Long Island University
    Brooklyn, NY
    MA Early Modern Jewish History

    “I am probably the oldest graduate in this class so that my prior education experiences might seem quaint and a bit outdated. I was born in Boro Park, Brooklyn, to a somewhat Chasidish family and was lucky enough to have grandparents living there who were a living example and constant reminder of my Eastern European roots. Read More

     AnneAnne Guetta
    University of Cambridge
    London, England
    MA Medieval Jewish History

    “I think that it’s very important for every Jew to know and be educated about the history of their people, and I wanted to study Jewish History for that reason. I chose Revel because its amazing faculty and brilliant reputation! Read More

     Mayer Mayer Juni
    Yeshiva Sha’ar HaTorah
    Mexico City, Mexico
    MA Medieval Jewish History

    “While it [Revel] was a lot of work, I feel that I grew a lot from researching for the term papers. The visiting scholar’s lecture events were a highlight as well; they provided the opportunity to meet and learn from a wide range of scholars. Read More


    Langer Michael Langer
    Brooklyn College, RIETS
    Brooklyn, NY
    MA Jewish Philosophy I was hoping a graduate degree in Jewish studies would supplement my rabbinical studies and enable me to intellectually engage with more people on multiple planes. In the end, I’ve come to recognize the inherent value of my time spent at Revel. Read More 

     Read More


     Orly Orly Nadler
    Stern College
    Boca Raton, FL/Teaneck, NJ
    MA Jewish Philosophy

    “I wanted to immerse myself in a high level of learning and found that Revel gave me access to many world-class scholars. The small class sizes gave me the ability to truly dialogue with my professors.  Read More

     PittsMatthew Pitts
    Brigham Young University, Cardozo Law School, Claremont Graduate University
    Salt Lake City, UT
    MA Modern Jewish History

    “I have always been fascinated with the study of religion, and with Judaism specifically. At BYU I studied the Middle East extensively, with a specific emphasis on Israel, and the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab conflict. This interest motivated my decision to choose Cardozo once I decided to attend law school. Once at Cardozo I looked into graduate opportunities at Yeshiva because I remained interested in Historical academic studies, as well as legal. Read More


     YoelYoel Saidian
    University of California, San Diego
    Tehran/San Fernando Valley, CA
    MA Jewish Philosophy

    “My decision to pursue Jewish studies was very much influenced by the challenges I faced in Israel, the inspirational figures in my life and falling in love with reading, particularly Jewish philosophy.


     Maurice Maurice Schwartz
    Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, Touro College, RIETS
    Baltimore, MD
    MA Modern Jewish History

    “History has always been a favorite of mine. My father, who is a graduate of Revel and RIETS as well, instilled in me the importance of ‘binu shnos dor vador’ (remember bygone days) written in our Torah in Deuteronomy 32:7. Analyzing how our forefathers lived and reacted to their surroundings in times of both peril and peace inspired me to seek a deeper understanding of the Jewish experience. Read More


     Shaul Shaul Seidler-Feller
    Yeshiva College
    Los Angeles, CA
    MA Medieval Jewish History

    “I had incredibly knowledgeable and pedagogically-gifted professors at Revel – some of the best minds in their respective fields – who strived to make their classes and curriculula both engaging and challenging and also placed a strong emphasis on analytical skills development and research. Read More


     Ziring Jonathan Ziring
    Yeshiva College, RIETS
    Staten Island, NY
    MA Jewish Philosophy

    “Being among people who are both frum and care about all that academia has to offer to our understanding of Judaism and Torah is an unparalleled experience. The fusion is truly incredible. I am forever indebted to all of my professors. Read More


     Zisook Jonathan (Yoni) Zisook
    Yeshiva College, Graduate Center CUNY
    Chicago, IL
    MA Modern Jewish History

    I am currently a doctoral student at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in the Department of Sociology, where I am specializing in comparative religion and the sociology of contemporary Jewish life. Read More





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