• Orientation

  • Placement Test (Hebrew and Math)

    Placement tests will be administered on a drop-in basis on Sunday, August 24, 2016. Allot approximately one hour for each of your required placement tests.

    SCW Math Placement Test
    This exam is for students who have not taken calculus or this placement test and who plan to major or minor in, mathematics, computer science or the sciences. The exam can be taken online any time before Orientation. Results are indicated at the conclusion of the exam. The exam can be found online at http://sterncollege.placementtester.com. Calculators are permitted for this exam.

    Hebrew Placement Test
    Students who have not taken the written Hebrew placement exam must take it at this time.

    Sy Syms Math Proficiency Exam
    All Sy Syms students are required to take a Math Proficiency Exam. Please bring pens/pencils to the exam as well as a photo ID and their YU ID number. Note: Calculators are not permitted.

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