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  • Yeshiva University High Schools Annual Dinner of Tribute Wednesday, April 6, 2016, at Marina del Rey

    This year we were privileged to honor Mrs. Abby Lerner, Rabbi Mark and Jill Wildes, Rafael and Shifra Yehoshua, and Ms. Megan HLZacks. View photos from the event.

  • Abby Lerner

    Mrs. Abby Lerner
    Mrs. Abby Lerner (YUHSG '70) has served as Central's Director of Admissions and teaches the senior course, Women in Jewish Law, along with wearing the hats of spiritual leader for her students, close friends, confidant for her colleagues, and role model for the entire Central family. Mrs. Lerner's love for Central dates back to her days as a student herself in Central Brooklyn, along with her Sisters Miriam (YUHSG '64) and Ethel (YUHSG '57). Commitment to the greater Modern Orthodox community has been at the forefront of Mrs. Lerner's pursuits, along with her husband Rabbi Yaacov Lerner, as they have been the Rabbi and Rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Great Neck since the mid '70s. 

    Mrs. Lerner's most prized students are her daughters, Shayna (YUHSG '97) Yehudit (YUHSG'99) Zahava (YUHSG '01) and Yosefa (YUHSG '04)- all accomplished Central graduates, many of whom continued their education at Stern College for Women and other Yeshiva University Graduate programs. Mrs. Lerner looks forward to enjoying time spent with her grandchildren, as she plans her retirement in Israel.  

    This honor celebrates Mrs. Lerner's 28 years of dedication to the Central community. 

    Rabbi Mark and Jill Wildes

    Rabbi Mark and Jill Wildes
    Rabbi Mark (YUHSB '85) and Jill Wildes are the founders of the Manhattan Jewish Experience (MJE), a highly successful Jewish outreach and educational program that engages and reconnects unaffiliated Jewish men and women in their 20's/30's with Judaism and the Jewish community.  Rabbi Mark earned a BA in Psychology from Yeshiva University, a Law Degree from Cardozo School of Law, a Master's degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and ordination from RIETS, Yeshiva University's rabbinical school. Jill earned a BA in International Affairs from University of Wisconsin and an MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work.

    After serving in Rabbinic and outreach positions at Congregation Ohab Zedek and Kehilath Jeshurun and teaching at Ramaz and Stern College, Rabbi Mark and Jill went on to establish MJE.  Rabbi Wildes also teaches an outreach seminar at RIETS.  Mark and Jill have 4 children; Yosef (YUHSB '15) Ezra (YUHSB '17) Yehuda 13, and Avigayil 11. 

    They are huge fans of MTA and live on the Upper West Side where they maintain an open home for newcomers and friends alike.

    Rafael and Shifra Yehoshua

    Rafael and Shifra Yehoshua
    Rafael and Shifra Yehoshua are humbled to be presented with this years YUHSG  "Parents of the Year" award.  The Yehoshua's have served as proud, active Central Parents, who truly embody the pillars of our school.  In addition to cheerleading Central at every opportunity, Rafi and SHifi have graciously opened their home to our school on many occasions. Rafi and Shifi are deeply committed to Torah values and Jewish life.  They support Jewish tradition through their dedication to various institutions, their own community of Great Neck, and initiatives such as the Shabbat Project Challah Bake that brings the community together. 

    The Yehoshua's cherish family above all.  Their roots run generations deep in Eretz Yisrael, and the message“אהבת ארץ ישראל“ is the forefront for their children Ben, Yitzchak, Keren (YUHSG '14), Yael (YUHSG '16), Doron-Yosef, Shira, and Yasmin-Tikka.  

    Rafi and Shifi look forward to continuing to celebrate the Central community and to partnering with YUHSG in years to come

    Megan HLZacks

    Ms. Megan HLZacks
    Ms. Megan HLZacks chairs the Science department, where she has helped implement the Scientific Engineering and Biomedical Engineering programs, teaches engineering, computer programming and biology and oversees the science laboratory program. Additionally, she leads the New Teacher Induction Mentoring Program, meeting weekly with newer faculty members to discuss matters relating to best practices in teaching. Prior to working at YUHSB, she taught Biology at Ramaz, and Math and Biology at The Rashi School in Boston.

    Ms. HLZacks received her Bachelor of Science Biology and Jewish Studies from the University of Michigan and her Masters of Arts in Education from Brandeis University. She is currently working towards her Doctoral degree at YU’s Azrieli School of Jewish Education and Administration. She was also chosen to participate in the DeLeT Fellowship (Day School Leadership through Teaching) through which she earned her teaching certification. During the summers, Ms. Harris-Linton continues to challenge herself to learn new things by taking science courses at NYU and City College. Recently, she participated in the ELAI (Education Leadership Advancement Institute) program, allowing her to take on greater roles of leadership. Ms HLZacks lives with her husband in Greenwich Village Manhattan. 

    For reservations or for more information about the dinner, please contact Elissa Schertz at 212.960.5223 or elissa.schertz@yu.edu.

  • Dinner Committee

    Dinner Chairs

    Nahum and Dr. Rina Felman

    Dr. Keith '85 and Sheera '90 Landsman

    Nessim Tammam and Dr. Lynne Bursky-Tammam

    Dinner Committee

    Dr. Meyer '79 and Debbie Abittan

    Dr. Scott and Rahel Goldberg

    Richard and Lena Harris

    Rabbi Moshe '73 and Dr. Janice Mirsky

    Drs. Chaim '80 and Michelle Nordlicht

    Dr. David and Lani Pelcovitz

    Jon and Firouzeh Rahimzada

    Jeremy and Meryl Strauss

    Yudi and Shira Teichman

    Dovid '86 and Gila Weinstein

    Young Leadership Dinner Chair

    Dov Quint ’04

    Leah Moskovich ’07

    Young Leadership Committee

    Lauren Biller ’08

    Yaakov Burack ’11

    Ariella Freedman ’13

    Sarah (Auerbach) Heller ’07

    Zehava Moskowitz ’12

    Jamie Sobin ’14

    Elliot Teichman ’08

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