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    The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is designed to provide emerging leaders with a broader strategic understanding of: the myriad of functions performed by the offices across Yeshiva University; the challenges faced at the University; and by higher education. Employees participating in the LDP will gain awareness of and develop their leadership characteristics to prepare them to be high performing contributors that lead, manage and empower others.


    Goal of the Leadership Development Program:

    • Serve to acknowledge and reward performance
    • Demonstrate the University's commitment to and investment in the development of high potential staff
    • Identify and prepare future leaders to tackle expanded and/or new roles within the University
    • Enhance skills in communication, collaborative leadership and facilitating multi-stakeholder processes
    • Deepen knowledge of the University's structure, mission and vision
    • Increase knowledge about higher education issues from local and national perspectives


    Benefits to the Participant:

    • Increase self and global awareness as a leader
    • Gain mastery of tools and strategies for addressing organizational problems
    • Increase effectiveness in working with others toward strategic goals
    • Enhance strategic thinking and goal development
    • Improve individual leadership skill set


    Benefits to the University:

    • Retention of high-potential employees
    • Improve cross-organizational communication and networking among key employees
    • Skilled leaders equipped to successfully manage people and University operations
    • Succession of practiced leaders


    LDP Opportunities:

    There are two current distinct opportunities for participants:

    • Leading for Organizational Success
    • Managing Strategic Process Change


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