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    Office of Business Affairs

    Jake Harman
    Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    Tel: 646.592.4005
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: jharman@yu.edu  


    Tabitha Collazo
    Business Affairs Administrator & Executive Administrator to Jacob E. Harman
    Tel: 646.592.4005
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: jharman@yu.edu



    Joseph Dandic
    Tel: 646.592.4003
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: dandic@yu.edu 



    Dena Mercado
    Director of Accounting
    Tel: 646.592.4007
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: dmercado@yu.edu


    Esther Cohen
    Senior Accounting Manager
    Tel: 646.592.4251
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: ecohen3@yu.edu



    Budget and Management Reporting

    Nathaniel Kane

    Director of Budgeting and Management Analysis
    Tel: 212.960.5400 x6983
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: Nathaniel.kane@yu.edu  

    Reporting Department
    Ron Nahum
    Finance Systems Management
    Tel: 646.592.4002
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: nahum@yu.edu


    Internal Audit

    Amanda J. Grace, CPA
    AVP, Internal Audit
    Tel: 212.960.5456
    Fax: 212.960.0023
    Email: grace@yu.edu

    Investment Office

    Chief Investment Officer: 


    Thomas Cannon
    Tel: 646.592.4325
    Email: thomas.cannon@yu.edu

    Risk Management

    Mark Alexander

    Risk Manager
    Tel: 646.592.4415
    Email: riskmgmt@yu.edu mark.alexander@yu.edu


    Tax Compliance

    Tax Compliance
    Alan Kluger
    212.960.5400 x6394


    Michael Schreiber
    Director of Treasury Operations
    Tel: 646.592-4226
    Fax: 212.960.0062
    Email: michael.schreiber@yu.edu  

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