• Master's Program: Requirements & Handbooks

    At Azrieli, we have designed our Master of Science degree requirements to be theoretical and practical, innovative and time tested, research-based and hands-on. In addition to foundational and advanced coursework, students must engage in substantive field work that compliments their studies.

    Click on the titles for more information on each of the requirements:

    1.  Field Experience Guide (PDF)—six hours of field work in each of the six out of the eight core Azrieli courses
    2. Professional Enhancement Practicum Guide (PDF)—Student teaching: at least 200 hours of supervised teaching after all courses are completed
    Portfolio Requirement
    1. Portfolio Guide (PDF)—a collection of artifacts to reflect attainment of 13 Azrieli standards
    2. Portfolio Workshop (video) 
    3. Electronic Portfolio PowerPoint (PPT)
    Student Handbook

    The Master of Science Student Handbook (PDF) contains vital information for our students, including policies and procedures pertaining to academic requirements, the classroom, grading, attendance, the number of credits required for graduation, course information and much more. The handbook is a "living document" in that changes to it are anticipated as new policies and procedures are developed. It is therefore imperative that you reference the handbook as often as possible.

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