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  • Early Decision

    Students who are certain that Yeshiva University is their first choice may apply to the Honors Programs as Early Decision candidates. For these students, all application materials must be submitted by November 10, 2014.

    Required materials include:

    • Full application to Yeshiva University.  Please note: Our online application is currently unavailable because it is being updated. We expect to have the 2015 application available online on August 25th. If you have any questions, please contact us at 212-960-5277 or yuadmit@yu.edu.

    • High school transcript with qualifying GPA

    • Two Honors Essays 

    • Five Honors Short Answers 

    • Standardized Test Report of qualifying score (Note: tests must be taken prior to the November 10 deadline, and October or November tests are only accepted provided that the score report is sent directly to Yeshiva University as part of the exam registration.)

    Following submission of all materials, the applicant must participate in Honors Day at Yeshiva University's New York campus, during which the Honors Program interview will occur.

    Honors Early Decision Days


    You may reserve an Honors day online, and Honors Days for the 2014-2015 year will be announced shortly. The women's Honors Days take place on the Beren Campus and generally run from around 8:30AM to 4:00PM, and the men's Honors Days take place on the Wilf Campus from around 12:30PM to 7PM. If you prefer to reserve by phone, please call the Admissions Office at 212.960.5277.

    Students applying Early Decision to the Honors Program will receive one of three decisions (Note: all scholarship offers apply for four years on the New York campus):


    1) Acceptance into the Honors Program and award of a Distinguished Scholarship ($30,000)

    2) Acceptance into the Honors Program with award pending

    3) Acceptance and award pending

    1) Acceptance into the Honors Program and award of a Distinguished Scholarship ($30,000)

    Students offered admission to the Honors Program together with a Distinguished Scholarship agree to: 

    • Make no further college applications
    • Withdraw any other existing applications to other colleges
    • Enroll at Yeshiva University's New York campus for the Fall 2015 semester or the Fall semester immediately following post-high-school Torah study. Torah study may be pursued for more than one year, but must be in full year (not single semester) increments.


     2) Acceptance into the Honors Program, with award pending

    Students who are accepted to the Honors Program but do not receive offers of distinguished scholarships will be considered for scholarships in the Spring along with Regular Decision Honors students and are often offered substantial academic scholarships.


     3) Acceptance and award pending

    Some students may not be admitted into the Honors Program at the time of Early Decision application, and both their decisions and, if applicable, awards, will be determined during the Regular Selection process in the Spring. 

    The Honors Committee will inform all applicants for Early Decision by December 18, 2014. Those applicants who will be reconsidered are informed of the Committee's reconsideration by April 1, 2015.  

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