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    Summer School

    Many students take liberal arts courses outside of Yeshiva University. If you would like to do so, please follow these steps:

    1. Complete the P-10 form. You can pick it up at the Advising Center or download it or download it here.

    2. FOR WILF CAMPUS UNDERGRADUATE MEN ONLY- Consult the Pre-Approved Summer Course List.Evaluation of each course is an integral part of the transfer credit process.  The Preapproved list is subject to change based on faculty evaluations.   Students should get P-10/transfer credit forms approved for each course on the Pre-approved list in order to confirm that courses will be transferable.   If a course is not on the Preapproved list, this does not mean necessarily that you cannot take the course.  Most likely, it means that the course has not yet been evaluated.  You should submit a course description, attach it to the completed P-10 form and bring it to the Advising Center. In cases where a course is approved, the course will transfer as an equivalent course at Yeshiva College as indicated by course number. 

    3. After the summer session is finished, request that an official transcript from the institution you attended be sent to the Registrar's Office, care of Julio Rodriguez, Office of the Registrar, Yeshiva University, 500 West 185th Street, Furst Hall Room 114, New York, NY 10033. Once we receive your transcript, the credits will be processed and appear on you transcript. Please allow two to three weeks for processing. Credit processing does not occur the week before classes begin or during the first three weeks of school.

    Please click on this link for "Additional Rules". Click on the links below for guidelines regarding specific disciplines. 

    Pre-Approved Course Listing

    English     Physics     Rules


    For students who would like to take a literature course over the summer:  

    All courses must be at least five weeks in duration. 

    You must submit to the Advising Center a syllabus for the course. Syllabi will be forwarded to the English department for evaluation. Students will be informed by e-mail of the decision. 


    Criteria for acceptable courses (summer courses outside of YU):

    U.S. Institutions:

    • The course must be taken at institutions comparable to YU. These can be found among the top 98 national universities and the top 60 liberal arts colleges, according to the current U.S. News and World Report's survey of America's best colleges

      These universities and colleges offer resources similar to those at the Department of Physics at YU. And these institutions compare favorably with YU on a number of relevant criteria: experimental facilities, laboratory space, full-time faculty-to-adjunct- faculty ratio, faculty-to-student ratio, research involvement of faculty, availability of laboratory technicians and demonstrations.
    • International Institutions:
      Transfer credit from international schools of a level comparable to YU may also be accepted. If you are interested in taking a summer course at a foreign school, you should apply at least six weeks before the course begins. The physics department will consider the request on a case-by-case basis.


    • No approval will be granted for online courses, correspondence courses or courses taken at any community college.
    • To receive credit, you must complete approved courses with a grade of "C" or better. A grade of "C-minus" or lower will prevent transfer of credits to YU.
    • Grades earned in these courses will not figure into your GPA at YU.
    • For pre-health students, all grades earned in summer school, including grades below a "C" that will not transfer to your YU transcript, will be counted in your application average.
    • No requirements may be taken pass/fail (including economics courses for Sy Syms students).
    • Students may take one elective course pass/fail over the summer only if the host college indicates on the transcript that "P" is awarded for "C" (not "C-") or better.
    • A summer course must last for at least four complete calendar weeks.
    • Credit and course limits: The number of hours or days is not the criterion for approval. The number of credits allowed in a summer session of four weeks is equal to the number of weeks; in a session of five weeks or more, the number of credits equals the number of weeks plus two, i.e.:
      • A maximum of 4 credits may be taken during a four-week period
      • A maximum of 7 credits may be taken during a five-week period
      • A maximum of 8 credits may be taken during a six-week period
    • You may take no more than two courses during any one, summer session. The total number of credits taken during one summer (regardless of how many sessions or weeks) is 10 credits. The total number of courses during one summer (regardless of how many sessions or weeks) is three courses. In schools on the quarter system, four quarter credits are equal to 2 ½ credits; five quarter credits are equal to three credits.

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