• Searching Online Responsa

  • For searching techniques and examples of how to construct a search, see Responsa’s “Help” page. While the search techniques for the online database differ from those offered on the CDROM versions with which many people are familiar, following the directions under “Help” should lead to comparable results.

    Please note:

    Interface Language Hebrew, English or French may be chosen as the interface language by clicking on the appropriate flag at the top left corner of the screen. Searching is in Hebrew. If you do not have a Hebrew keyboard use the virtual keyboard by clicking on the keyboard icon near the search box.

    Once a text is retrieved, by clicking “Links” you may:
    move to the preceding or following section by clicking on עמוד + and עמוד-, or פרק+ and פרק-.;
    retrieve commentaries on that section;
    read a short biography.

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